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Owner operators now welcome!
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With CRYSTAL CLEAR TERMS Running your own business is tough, but our program is structured to make sure you see and understand every transaction that affects your business income. When you know more, you make better decisions and everyone is better for it. Shouldn’t it always be this simple?
hazmat teams earn more with quest
excellent fuel surcharge
drop & Hook Freight = More earning less sitting
Contracted & Consistent freight year-round
Want to own your own truck? Our lease-purchase plan may be for you. A 36-month term and $1 buyout means you could own the road while your truck is still in good condition — not 5 years down the road with over 1,000, 000 miles.
spend less
With NO hidden costs. When your operating on a budget, unexpected expenses can really throw a wrench in things. With our program, responsibilities are transparent and outlined in advance, you know what we are responsible for paying and what your business is responsible for paying. Isn’t that how it should be?
NO hidden costs No down payment Weekly Settlements Because your bills come weekly Fixed nationwide fuel discounts No trailer rental fees No trailer maintenance fees Maintenance and tire discounts
This is on us Cargo insurance Truck Liability insurance Trailer Physical Damage insurance Prepass Usage Permits OmniTracs with E-logs & DIVR Free installation & usage Fuel Cards
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